Common phrases used by practictioners of conventional cancer therapies.

This is what they say: This is what they mean:
"This alternative therapy is unproven." "We control the research dollars and there is NO WAY we are going to finance research on alternative treatments."
"Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are proven cancer therapies." "We carefully avoided saying cancer 'cure'. There has never been a scientific, double blind study showing that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy cure cancer."
"We have successfully removed your tumor. Now we just have to wait and see." "It is almost inevitable that your cancer has metastasized, but it will take a few years for the new tumors to grow. Plus, so long as your body remains acidic and toxic, we know you will be back."
"Early diagnosis for cancer improves the prognosis." "Early detection gives us more time to make money treating you, and makes the statistics look better because there is a longer time interval between diagnosis and death."
"We had to fight really hard to get the FDA to approve our toxic drug." "FDA scientists found our toxic drug to be too dangerous, so we donated money to election campaigns for congress members, and they appointed one of our employees to a supervisory position at the FDA. Our employee shepherded our toxic drug through the approvals process."
"We proved that this alternative treatment does not work." "We very carefully investigated the conditions under which the alternative treatment works and the conditions under which it does not work, and then used this information to design an experiment to 'prove' that the treatment does not work."
"We have exhausted all available treatments and would like you to try this experimental treatment." "We receive a large commission for every patient we refer to a drug trial. If we admit there is nothing we can do for you, then you might turn to alternative treatments."
"Donate your money to the American Cancer Society." "We control the American Cancer Society, and we are making sure that its money is not used to help prevent cancer or do research on alternative treatments." The Cancer Prevention Coalition is calling for a boycott of the American Cancer Society.
"We need more basic research on cancer." "Anything to avoid investigating effective prevention and treatment for cancer."
"This doctor lost his license for practicing unproven cancer treatments." "80% of what passes for modern medicine has never been proven effective by scientific, double blind studies. Treatments are used in clinical practice simply because they are found to work. The exception to this is effective and inexpensive cancer treatments which we will not allow to be used or researched."

Reprinted with permission from Alkalize for Health