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Our goal is to provide extensive medical information that will:

  • Facilitate research
  • Increase your knowledge
  • Help you find the best medical care

We believe that:

Conventional Medicine

  • Does an excellent job of treating acute illnesses.
  • Is not so effective dealing with chronic illnesses.
  • Emphasizes drugs and surgery.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

  • Aims to treat the entire person, to deal with the mind/body
    interaction, to treat causes not symptoms.
  • Emphasizes prevention, nutrition, life style changes.
  • Click here to GiveUses a variety of treatments, including therapies not generally incorporated in Conventional Medicine
Integrative Medicine
  • Uses the best of both conventional & alternative medicine.
  • Can be more effective than any one approach.

Roger Streit

Roger Streit, the founder of SavvyPatients, is no longer responsible for the content for this site. TriHealth Network took over this site on May 28, 2010. Please address all emails to regarding suggestions, questions or requests.

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