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"I think the Precautionary Principle applies.  If the consequences of an action concerning the use of technology are unknown, but are possibly highly negative, then it is better to limit exposure rather than risk the uncertain, but possibly very negative, consequences.

In my opinion, the ACS (American Cancer Society) has insulted the thinking public and done a disservice to honest scientists who are trying to study the possible link of EMF exposure and cancer.  The issue is hugely important.  Cell/mobile phone use has doubled since 2000, and at present there are 1.5 billion subscribers worldwide."
Raloh Moss, Ph. D.


Mobile Phone Cancer Link Rejected
from BBC News

Mobile Phones 'Safe for Brains'
from BBC News


Does Cell Phone Conversation Impair Driving Performance?
by David Strayer, et al.
"In sum, we found that conversing on either a hand-held or hands-free cell phone led to significant decrements in simulated driving performance."

Cell Phone Safety
Tips for staying safe and being productive when using cell phones.
by James A. Martin

Cell Phones and Driving: Safety Tips
from Transport Canada


British Cell Phone Safety Alert
An Interview with Robert O. Becker, M. D.
from the Council on Wireless Technology Impacts

Cell Phone Chronicles
by John MacArthur

Articles by Joseph Mercola, D.O.
Study Links Cell Phones To Brain Cancer Risk

"If Mobile Phones Were a Type of Food, They Simply Would Not be Licensed"

Hands-Free Mobile Phones May Increase Radiation Exposure

Cancer Cell Study Revives Cell Phone Safety Fears

Cell Phones: How Risky are They Really?

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

Are Cell Phones Safe For Your Children?

Cell Phones May Harm Blood Cells

Cellular Phone Industry Just as Health-Harming as Big Tobacco?

Cell Phones Can Damage Your Eyes


Are Mobile Phones Safe?
by Kenneth R. Foster and John E. Moulder

Wireless Phones
from the FDA

Reviews of Some Research Studies on Wireless Phones
from the FDA

Are Cell Phones Safe?
from Consumer Reports

Are Cell Phones Safe? Questions Remain
from Consumer Reports

Evaluating Cell-Phone Safety
by Jud Strock

Articles by Ralph Moss, Ph.D.
Do Radiofrequency Energy Fields Cause Cancer? Part One
"Dr. Gansler points out that while ionizing radiation such as gamma rays and X-rays can increase cancer risk by causing changes to DNA in cells of the body, low frequency, non-ionizing radiation [such as that emitted by cell phones, ed.] does not cause these DNA changes.

This statement, as far as it goes, is true.  However, direct damage to the DNA is not the only way in which harm could be done.  Dr. Gansler ignores the possibility that exposure to radiofrequency energy might bring about damage indirectly, through subtle physiological effects on cellular functions.  It has been established, for example, that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields can induce a wide variety of physiological changes in cell membranes, signaling pathways, cell growth cycle regulation, and other metabolic processes within the cell."

Do Radiofrequency Energy Fields Cause Cancer? Part Two
"The bottom line is this: almost all reputable researchers in this area concede that it is really not yet definitively known whether or not radiofrequency electromagnetic fields do increase the risk of cancer.  Some people take this as confirmation of their view that such devices are safe.  But one would think that while the issue is still very much under investigation it would be wisest for the ACS not to brand concern about RFEMF prematurely as just another "cancer myth."  It seems to me to be arrogant to declare the debate closed while the near unanimous opinion in the scientific world is that the issue is still far from settled."

Do Radiofrequency Energy Fields Cause Cancer? Part Three
"While it is far from clear that there is a cause and effect relationship between cell phones (or RFEMF in general) and cancer, too little is known about the actual effects to dismiss the possibility out of hand, the way the ACS does.  Caution would therefore be advised. History is filled with examples of "perfectly safe" environmental factors that later turned out to be harmful, if not disastrous."


Council on Wireless Technology Impacts

Electric Power Research Institute

Microwave News

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