Dairy Products

In a scientific review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, "researchers at the University of Alabama gathered all of the credible clinical evidence they could find on bone health and dairy-rich diets. After an exhaustive review of nearly five dozen studies, they concluded that there is no solid body of evidence to support eating dairy foods."


The Myths of Milk Consumption
by Michelle Johnson, N.D.
"We drink cow's milk just because we have always done it, but upon close inspection, we can see that the consumption of cow's milk is nonsensical."

Don't Drink Your Milk!
by Joseph Mercola, D.O.
"Cow's milk is the number one allergic food in this country. It has been well documented as a cause in diarrhea, cramps, bloating, gas, gastrointestinal bleeding, iron-deficiency anemia, skin rashes, atherosclerosis, and acne. It is the primary cause of recurrent ear infections in children. It has also been linked to insulin dependent diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, infertility, and leukemia."

Is Dairy Dangerous?
by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D.
"There is a considerable amount of scientific data linking heart disease, arthritis, obesity, and cancer, particularly breast cancer, to a dairy-containing high fat diet. Finland, which is among the highest consumers of diary worldwide, has one and a half times the mortality rate from heart disease of the United States."

Criticism of Milk and Breast Cancer Study
by Robert Cohen
"Often times, the conclusions from published studies contradict their own data."

Dairy and Calcium
Quoting a Harvard Nurses' Health study published in the American Journal of Public Health: "Drinking milk did not protect the participants against bone breaks. In fact, those who drank the most milk (three or more glasses a day) had more fractures than those who barely touched the stuff (less than one glass per week)."

Milk and the Cancer Connection
by Hans R. Larsen, International Health News
"Despite assurances from the FDA and industry-paid consultants there are now just too many serious questions surrounding the use of milk from cows treated with synthetic growth hormone to allow its continued sale. Bovine growth hormone is banned in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The European Union has maintained its moratorium on the use of rBGH and milk products from BST-treated cows are not sold in countries within the Union. Canada has also so far resisted pressure from the United States and the biotechnology lobby to approve the use of rBGH commercially."

Milk and Other Dietary Influences on Coronary Heart Disease
by William B. Grant, Ph.D.
"These findings strongly suggest that to reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease mortality among males of all ages and females above the age of 65, non-fat milk consumption should be reduced and vitamin B supplementation should be increased. Consumption of simple sugars should be reduced by females below the age of 74, and probably by males and females of all ages."

Articles from Rachel's Environment Weekly by Peter Montague

Breast Cancer, RBGH and Milk
"A study of U.S. women published May 9 in the LANCET links insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) with breast cancer. Earlier this year a study linked IGF-1 to prostate cancer. Prostate and breast cancers are major killers of men and women in the U.S. and in other industrialized countries. IGF-1 levels are now being artificially increased in much of the cows' milk being sold throughout the U.S. These new cancer studies raise serious questions about the wisdom of allowing IGF-1 levels to be raised in milk."

Milk Controversy Spills Into Canada
"A recently-released Canadian government report indicates that the findings of Monsanto's 90-day rat feeding study were misreported by FDA in SCIENCE in 1990."

Articles from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Doctors Blast “Calcium Summit” As Dairy Industry Promotion
"Purportedly convened to address a "calcium crisis" in the United States, this event was bankrolled by the National Dairy Council and the Milk Processors Education Program."

What's Wrong with Dairy Products
"Eight great reasons to eliminate dairy products from your diet."

Milk: No Longer Recommended or Required
"There is no nutritional requirement for dairy products, and there are serious problems that can result from the proteins, sugar, fat, and contaminants in milk products."


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


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Robert Cohen and Jane Heimlich, Milk: The Deadly Poison

Bob Robert Crayhon, Robert Crayhon's Nutrition Made Simple
Ann Louise Gittleman, Eat Fat, Lose Weight: The Right Fats Can Make You Thin for Life

Louis Lanza and Laura Morton, Totally Dairy-Free Cooking

Frank A. Oski, M.D., Don't Drink Your Milk!: New Frightening Medical Facts About the World's Most Overrated Nutrient

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