Post Polio Syndrome


Post-Polio Syndrome
from Mayo Clinic

What Internists Need To Know About Postpolio Syndrome
by Julie K. Silver, M.D. and Dorothy D. Aiello, P.T.

Fibromyalgia Is Common in a Postpoliomyelitis Clinic
by Daria A. Trojan, M.D. and Neil R. Cashman, M.D.

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Member-Written Articles
from Greater Boston Post-Polio Association


Polio Myths and Half-Truths
by Julie K. Silver, M.D.

Protecting Your Arms Will Keep You Moving - Part 1
by Julie K. Silver, M.D. and Maria H. Cole

Protecting Your Arms Will Keep You Moving - Part 2
by Julie K. Silver, M.D. and Maria H. Cole

Polio Treated with Vitamin C
by Gary Wade

High Pressure Oxygen Offers Hope For Lyme Disease, Post-Polio Syndrome
from Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics Medical Clinic

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American College for Advancement in Medicine
"ACAM's goals are to improve skills, knowledge and diagnostic procedures as they relate to complementary and alternative medicine; to support research; and to develop awareness of alternative methods of medical treatment."

Florida East Coast Post-Polio Support Group

International Rehabilitation Center for Polio at Spaulding (MA)

Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida

Post Polio Syndrome Clinic
Denver, Colorado
"Our clinic is the only clinic in the U.S. that uses the combination of FIVE techniques [Nimmo, Neuro Structural Integration Technique (Bowen), Regular Cranial Work, Crane Condyle Lift, and Neuro Cranial Restoration) which each have their own method of correcting the skull sutures and slowing the progression of Post Polio symptoms."

Post-Polio Health International

Post-Polio Syndrome Central


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Richard L. Bruno, Ph.D., The Polio Paradox: Understanding and Treating "Post-Polio Syndrome" and Chronic Fatigue

Julie K. Silver, M.D., Post-Polio Syndrome: A Guide for Polio Survivors and Their Families

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